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Meet the Truants, part 2: Vanessa & Ian

Continuing this series, here are the designs for Vanessa and Ian from the Truants. 

Vanessa, like Akiko, was an early design from June 2009.  I wanted her to have an air of confidence, and to be pretty but not aloof or unintelligent.  Her look is a bit based on a girl I had a crush on in high school, and her school uniform is definitely more Japanese-styled.  I was kind of bummed after the first issue when she didn’t show up again for a long time!  When she shows up again at the end of our third arc, the directive was to have her in some prisoner-looking clothes—like maybe she’d been held captive somewhere.  Perhaps we’ll get more on that aspect of her story one day!

As some have said, Ian is pretty much the Truants’ Hunter.  He’s definitely not as good-hearted or kind as Hunter, though.  He’s a bit more bitter and more sarcastic—very teenage qualities!  He’s British, and his appearance was based on Sid Jenkins from the British version of Skins.  (and to digress, that show has been a big influence on how I interpret the rest of the cast of Morning Glories.  It’s one of the best teen-centric programs I’ve seen in awhile).  Ian’s got this not subtle crush on Akiko, and he’s tall and gangly, and not confident about his looks.  I see him as definitely not as pretty as he’s been portrayed on the cover.