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Meet the Truants, part 3: Fortunato & Guillaume:

Time for part three in my series of designs for the Truants from Morning Glories!  First up is Fortunato, who hails from Brazil.  I got real minimal description for him from Nick, and some very specific photo reference.  He’s the strong, silent type—much like Jun when he first appeared.  Fortunato, however, is very spiritual.  

Guillaume first showed up in issue 18 at the age of twelve. I kept his teenage look the same (as I did with pretty much all the Truants) so as not to confuse anyone.  We’d just introduced these characters, so it was best to keep some uniformity to them.  I did play around with different hairstyles for him before settling on his shaggy mop.  And yes, he’s got bushy (evil) eyebrows.  haha.  At heart, Guillaume is a devious kind of guy (he was a bully after all), and the eyebrows help drive that home.