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Morning Glories: Behind the Scenes.

I mentioned on the Morning Glories fan chat for issue 22 last week (weren’t you there? if not, for shame!) that there was one page in that issue that my good buddy Nick Pitarra (Manhattan Projects) chipped in on.   The layout stage is the most difficult of the drawing process, in my estimation, and where I spend the most time.  This particular layout stumped me.  In it, Irina is stealthily looming on the ceiling of the school infirmary, waiting for Nurse Nine to call it a night so she can get to Fortunato.  Nick’s script called for her to spider-walk on the ceiling to make her way to Fortunato’s room, and to swing down off the door frame.  She was to do this River Tam-style and I needed to ‘make this cool!’ 

So, no pressure there!  And nevermind that I’ve never seen Firefly (yeah, yeah).  I kept putting the page off, and eventually picked the brains of my buddies Nick Pitarra and Charles Paul Wilson III for their input.  Nick/Nicky Poo was kind enough to throw down a quick layout idea.  Initially on panel one, I thought to pull out further, so we could see Nine’s face, but Nick thought it would be better to go in tighter.  And the up camera shot in panel two was something we were pretty much in sync with.  I can’t remember why I flipped it in the end. Nick’s last two panels there are his ideas for the crawl, of which I thought the first was the way to go.  Then the last two panels came pretty quickly, and I could move on to inks and get it to Alex for coloring. 

So there’s another behind-the-scenes peek!  My thanks to Nick Pitarra for the assist. 

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